Frequently Asked Questions

Top List of Questions and Answers

Here are the most common questions we get asked about the business acquisition process for the Manufacturing & Distribution sector. Click on any question to open up the answer.

Q. What type of businesses are you looking to acquire?

A. Great question. We’ve prepared a business acquisition profile that details the specific criteria we are looking for in Manufacturing & Distribution niche. While your business may not be an exact match, there may be several criteria that are complementary to our search. Please download the Acquisition Criteria for more details.

Q. What kind of experience does your acquisition team have in acquiring businesses?

A. Collectively, the business acquisition team we are working with has acquired hundreds of businesses in virtually every type of business from professional & personal services, research and development, manufacturing, distribution and retail operations. Over the past 30+ years, the team has accumulated the expertise and necessary connections required to handle all the complexities and due diligence required to make an acquisition. They treat all business acquisition transactions with respect, transparency and serious intent.

You will get the opportunity to meet and work directly with every member of our team—not through a broker–to facilitate the best possible outcome: a fair price and reasonable terms for your business.

Q. How well do you know my industry?

A. We are well versed in many of the important aspects of the Manufacturing & Distribution sector. It is the reason we chose to select this industry as an acquisition target.

Q. I’ve tried to sell my business before and nothing ever came of it. How do I know I’m not wasting my time again?

A. We have partnered with an acquisition team that knows how to get acquisitions done in an efficient and timely manner. Their process and our serious intent ensures you will not be wasting time. You will come to understand, after our initial conversations together, how well your particular business meets our specific business acquisition criteria and whether or not we will need to move any further forward through the acquisition process.

Q. On average, how long does it take you to acquire a company?

A. An average acquisition can take anywhere from 90 to 180 days. More complex circumstances can prolong the acquisition process further. Nevertheless, we will be able to give you a more realistic timeline once we have had an opportunity to analyze business operations and discuss what the particular needs, wants and desires are for all parties.

Q. I’ve had loyal customers for years. What’s the transition plan to ensure it’s business as usual after I leave?

A. Important question. Owning and running a growing business takes a lot of dedicated time and effort. We understand how important the relationship you’ve developed with your customers is. Your loyal customers are the foundation of your successful company. Be assured that, whether it’s your desire to sell today or later, this relationship will not be jeopardized in any way and will be a critical factor in achieving our goal for a smooth ownership transition.

Q. I may be interested in selling. How do I find out more about this process?

A. You can fill out your contact information in the form we have provided in the sidebar or in the browser tab. Once we receive this information, we will contact you to set up an appointment for an exploratory conversation.

Q. If I activate this process, how are privacy & confidentiality matters addressed between us?

A. Privacy and confidentiality are essential and should be in place before any serious acquisition discussions begin . Our team will respect and keep confidential any information uncovered or expressed during the acquisition process. To that end, it is our practice to use a standardized, mutual Confidentiality & Non-disclosure Agreement to protect all parties.

Q: Why might I want to consider selling my business?

A. There are a diverse range of reasons why you may decide it’s time to sell or to start thinking about selling your business now. In our experience, the most common reasons seem to be:
– retirement or pursuit of other opportunities
– not enough growth capital
– no one in position or with an interest to transition the business to the next level of growth

Q. Is there an optimal time to sell a business?

A. Yes, there is. Most small to medium-sized companies especially wait far too long to sell their businesses. With no clear understanding about how to sell a business, many fail to get the price or terms they expected for years of hard work and successful growth.

Selling your business is a life-altering transaction and should be planned and executed with trustworthy acquisition professionals, ones who are serious about acquiring businesses in the Manufacturing & Distribution sector. You are the one who ultimately decides when you are ready to sell. The important thing is to start thinking about it and planning for it now before the decision is forced upon you by external or internal circumstances beyond your control.

Q. How are staff concerns managed during and after the acquisition process?

A. Working with staff through the transition period and managing staff concerns can be addressed during the acquisition process or post acquisition–whichever makes the most sense to you and your organization.

Q. Am I under any obligation to sell once I activate this process?

A. Neither party is under any obligation to continue with the acquisition process if price, terms or conditions related to the sale are unsatisfactory. It is, however, our intention to continue to work with you to a satisfactory outcome that works for all parties.

Q. What if I am not ready to sell my business right now? What can you do for me?

A. Even if you’ve been thinking about selling in 5 or 10 years time, it’s never too early to plan and have a conversation about what comes next. Whatever the stage of your business growth, it’s important to give time and consideration to why you will want to sell your business so there are no regrets at a later date. For example, our discussions with you may reveal an opportunity for us to partner and work together to raise the value of your business for the time when you are ready to sell.


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